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Hospital-IS is an integrated and interactive infotainment platform developed for the health care industry, delivering digital content and infotainment services while improving quality and efficiency inside health care facilities.

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One platform, many features !

  • WiFi

    Management and configuration of wireless architecture.

  • Digital signage

    Real time broadcast of video content on public screens and interactive totems.

  • App

    Android, Ios Apps & Smart TV optimized Apps.

  • Voip

    Calls & messaging within the network and outwards.

  • IP tv

    Broadcast of video content, TV channels, film and radio.

  • Kiosk

    Multimedia touchscreen totems, info and promo content, digital signposting.

  • Location based service

    Indoor geolocation through wifi and iBeacons.

  • iBeacons

    Bluetooth 4 micro-location and proximity service.

  • Nfc

    Access control, authentication management and smart payments.

  • Multiroom audio

    Central management of audio messages digital cable broadcast.

  • E-commerce

    Integrated e-commerce available on any device.

  • Api

    CRM, ERP and hospital applications interface.

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Hospital-is piattaforma Intrattenimento degenti ospedale wifi video on demand tv internet

Entertain patients and guests

Hospital-IS is a multimedia platform entertaining patients and guests in hospitals as key feature. Using this system, health care facilities can provide a wide offer of services in order to improve the quality of the stay of the patients. Users will be able to utilize time while maintaining their daily habits and perceiving that they’re not spending time in a “different” impersonal environment. The immediate effect is a lighter perception of the constraints due to hospitalization, and a higher satisfaction throughout stay in hospital.

Communication with the patients

For Hospital-IS communication in health care facilities is not only about improving the doctor-patient relationship, it’s also a tool for the everyday interaction between the hospital staff and the patients/guests. It introduces the “digital channel” that expands the communication potential and allows a more effective spread of information.

Hospital-is piattaforma digitale interattiva ospedale wifi strumento comunicazione interazione pazienti

Hospital-is piattaforma intrattenimento degenti ospedale wifi video on demand tv internet giochi 

tecnologia bambini

Digital interaction in hospital

Hospital-IS enables the interaction between patients and the hospital facility through geo-location tools and interactive maps, and also through means of video monitoring. It also supports the circulation of sanitary advice, of general information like visiting hours and also the dispatch of personalized notifications about medications or appointments. Furthermore, since it can integrate practical applications, it provides menu choices and visit bookings. Hospital-IS can also create general performance evaluation or more specific surveys.

Hospital-is piattaforma intrattenimento degenti ospedale wifi video on demand tv internet giochi 

tecnologia bambini applicativi sanitari servizi ai degenti

Advantages and benefits

The advantages introduced by Hospital-IS are multiple:

For health care facilities:

Differentiation and image improvement
Technological updating
Increase of the services to patients
Interaction with patients and guests
Optimization of the information collecting and distribution process

For patients and guests:

More comfortable hospital stay
Access to entertainment and communication services
Internet, social network, remote office
Digital interaction with the hospital facilities

Have a look at how Hospital-is can change the hospital stay

Making the hospital stay more comfortable


Ies italia piattaforma hospital-is applicazione ospedale servizi ai degenti pazienti interazione 

intrattenimento comunicazione

Hospital-IS technology for the hospital!

TV channels, on demand video, radio, internet access, games, VoIP, audiobooks, info streaming (news, advertising, events), instant messaging, m-commerce, and also health care applications like nurse video calls, individual monitor webcams, meal booking and selection, further to many more available applications.

Through smartphone, tablet, PC or through the smart screen in the hospital room.

Have a few questions? We’ve got answers!

Who’s in charge of the costs?

IES ITALIA srl covers all the costs regarding system and operations, including taxes. And the hospital WON’T have to pay anything.

Is Hospital-IS using hospital compliant technology?

The whole system is created according to the relevant technical standards: EN 60601-1-2; CEI 64-8.

Who manages the platform and its support?

IES ITALIA srl Milano is responsible for the whole project, no money will be charged to the hospital. An online/phone customer service and a delegate in person will be provided in order to solve any problems or doubts.

How does the operational stage work?

IES-Italia has developed methodology to deploy the platform in hospital with minimal inconvenience. The three stages of methodology: Planning & Inspection, Rollout & Testing, Maintenance